Local Flavour - Ontario Beef

Local beef tastes even better with local products.

Just like good company makes any meal better, good local products make savouring Ontario beef an even more enjoyable experience.

Picking up produce from a neighbour’s farm. Showing up with your favourite wine or beer crafted in a nearby county. Offering your guests an eclectic selection of regional condiments and preserves that perfectly complement the dishes you’ve created. Ontario beef is just the beginning when it comes to creating truly local – and truly unforgettable – get-togethers.

With so many great flavours to be found nearby, supporting local farms and business in your community couldn’t be more satisfying!

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Dedicated to making bold, modern creations while respecting the classics, salt+MUSTARD is a local specialty foods company with a focus on infused finishing salts and artisanal mustards. Making everything in-house without additives or preservatives, they work in small batches which allows creativity and imagination to soar. When it comes to Ontario beef, salt+MUSTARD can help transform your culinary creations into something sensational and sublime.

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Chaude Curry:

Deeply rooted in traditional, authentic Indian flavours, Chaude Curry is passionate about making Indian food accessible to everyone. Founded by two busy moms – and long-time friends from India – all of their spice blends are small-batch, gluten-free and handmade in Toronto. Authentic and approachable, Chaude Curry is the perfect choice for bringing both kids and adults to the table!

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Dennis’ Horseradish:

Founded in 1960, Dennis’ Horseradish is a Norfolk County brand that harvests, processes and bottles every jar to produce the highest quality – and hottest – horseradish around. The intense flavour of Dennis’ Extra Horseradish is the perfect complement to the great taste of Ontario beef and is sure to bring tears to your eyes – most of which will be tears of joy!

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The pride of Prince Edward County, Kinsip House of Fine Spirits creates high-quality, hand-crafted spirits with their unique farm-based, grain-to-grass approach. Featuring a bold, spicy character, Cooper’s Revival Canadian Rye Whisky pairs perfectly with the rich, delicious taste of Ontario beef. It’s also quite enjoyable while you’re preparing Ontario beef too.

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Carrick Bros:

Nestled in the pristine forests of South Algonquin, Carrick Bros have been producing organic maple syrup for generations using sustainable methods. The pure, natural flavour of Carrick Bros syrup makes it an outstanding choice for creating a truly tasty marinade for your Ontario Beef. And, if making dinner makes you thirsty, try their new maple2O organic maple water – it includes 46 different minerals, naturally occurring electrolytes and antioxidants!

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Great taste is closer than you think.

The unrivaled flavour of Ontario beef is just one of the many great local products that not only elevate your dining experience but also help support your community. Wholesome and delicious, Ontario beef is raised by local farmers who take immense pride in being caretakers of the environment and leaders in sustainability.

Explore our site to find out where you can purchase Ontario beef along with detailed nutritional information and inspiring recipes. And make sure you ask for Ontario beef at your local meat counter or butcher – along with expert tips to ensure you’re enjoying the fullest flavour possible.